Trailer Building & Modification

Whether you need a brand-new trailer or a facelift for your old one, W&P Truck Sales can help. We can design and manufacture your new or modified trailer to your specifications. We have extensive experience working with trailers for bulk haulage and farming, from tippers and tag trays to beavertails, dog trailers, trailers for water hauling and specialised use, and much more.

Tippers, Beavertails & Tag Trailers

At W&P Truck Sales, we manufacture all types of trailers, including 6- and 8-wheel trailers. All our trailers are made from the best quality Australian steel and adhere to the highest quality standards, so whether you need a custom job or standard sizing, you know your trailer will be the best available when your get it manufactured by W&P Truck.

Custom Modifications

We can repair or modify any aspect of your trailer. Whether you need wheels and axles added or taken off, your tray lengthened, shortened, or widened, W&P Truck Sales are the ones to call. Every aspect of your trailer's build is performed in-house, from design and fabrication to testing, hydraulics, and the finishing touches. Our workshop is equipped to house even the largest trailers and trucks.