Tuscan Mechanical

Mechanical Repairs

Heavy Diesel Servicing

At Tuscan Mechanical and W&P Truck Sales, we offer a full range of mechanical servicing and repairs for trucks and heavy machinery of all sizes. From ute-sized water tankers and farm machinery to earthmoving equipment and double-Bs, Tuscan Mechanical has the knowledge and experience to get it back on the road and running better than ever.

Component Rebuilding

Your vehicle's engine, differential and transmission are under constant pressure, and parts can wear out and even break. At Tuscan Mechanical we offer component rebuilding for all elements of your vehicle's undercarriage. We use only the best OE and OEM component parts to rebuild your engine or transmission, manufacturing and reboring everything in-house to ensure the best quality.


From differential repairs and changeovers to full component rebuilds and remanufacturing, Tuscan Mechanical can do it all. We'll completely dismantle and inspect your differential to ascertain exactly what needs remachining or replacing, and then rebuild your differential from the ground up using as many original components as are safe, to save you money. We also offer complete changeover differentials for all heavy machinery.


Your vehicle's suspension consists of many different parts all working together to ensure that your ride is as smooth as possible. Your suspension is constantly under pressure to perform, and needs to be in good condition to ensure your safety. At Tuscan Mechanical, we offer a full range of suspension repairs and replacement for all heavy vehicles, inspecting and repairing everything from the ground up to ensure you get the best ride possible.

Parts & Changeovers

Worn or old parts can't always be remachined or repaired - sometimes they just need to be replaced. At Tuscan Mechanical, we offer a full range of component parts, changeover components, and OE vehicle parts and accessories for all the vehicles we service. From windscreen repairs and replacement to changeover diffs and transmission replacement parts, Tuscan Mechanical has you covered

Windscreen Replacement

Driving with a cracked windscreen can be very dangerous, with the structural integrity of the glass having been compromised. At Tuscan Mechanical we have windscreens to suit all makes and models of truck. For a quote on replacing your windscreen, contact us today.

Tyres Changes

Along with all our other mechanical repairs, at Tuscan Mechanical we have tyres to suit all makes and models. We supply only the best quality tyres, so you can be confident your tyres will be long lasting and safe handling on the road. For sizing and prices, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Like any other part of your truck, batteries wear and fatigue with age. Having a high quality battery ensures you'll get the longest life out of it. At Tuscan Mechanical we have batteries to suit all makes and models of truck. For a quote on replacing your battery, contact us today.